Wim De Weerdt photography

White-nosed fly from the Myopa family, maybe Myopa dorsalis

I am also a photographer, specializing in macro, although I also to the odd photo shoot. Many regions of the island of Ikaria are still untainted, so there is an abundance of wildlife. Millions of insects, thousands of birds and lizards, and hundreds of snakes, slow worms and weasels are fighting for survival. In order to spot them, it is just a matter of becoming one with the environment. If you just sit there quietly, after about four to five minutes, a new world will open up to you. Apart from the in-your-face insects like butterflies, there are literally hundreds of little critters per square meter. Some posers, like grasshoppers, are pretty easy to photograph, other insects, like wild bees, are so active that you actually need to guess where they will land next, which will ‘cost’ you up to hundreds of clicks, but it is definitely worth it. Contrary to many others, I will never remove my subjects from their natural environment nor will I use glue or anything that will improve the pose. It is just a matter of getting your clothes dirty while cramping out in near-impossible poses and keeping your hopes up. The great thing about the island of Ikaria is that your patience will be rewarded. I know I have not even scratched the surface yet. There are still so many animals for me to discover. Come and join me on a ‘hunt’. If you are a macro fanatic, just get in touch and we’ll go on a mission together. Organized trips are also possible. Come back soon for more news.

Equipment: Canon D610 + 105mm Sigma lens (+28mm/50mm&200-500mm lenses) + 2x added Nikon flash.

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